Online education is not about reproducing the residential experience. Using medium-agnostic principles based on the science of learning, Acatar’s Course Translation Process helps you reimagine your course for an online learning environment.

Flexible and Faculty-Centered.
Our Course Translation process is built around YOU. Why else would we use all caps? We work around your schedule, preferences, and course needs to get all of your instructional material in place by the launch of your course.
A Pedagogical Extravaganza.
Learning objectives, alignment, modular design...our platform, process, and staff are thoroughly grounded in pedagogy that leverages advanced educational technology. We’ll bring you up to speed with current best practices in our Course Design and Development Workshop.
Course Manager.
From the start of our collaboration until the last grade is submitted, an Acatar Course Manager will be working hard with you and for you.
Course Blueprint.
You will love this document. We work with you to blueprint everything you’ll need to prepare and deliver your technology enhanced course, from content to teaching assistants to student management. The connection between learning objectives, instruction, and assessments will be crystal clear. The accrediting agency will be very impressed.


The Acatar Learning Environment’s intuitive layout, multi-dimensional design, and interactive capabilities deliver on the full potential of online learning.

Amazing Levels of Interaction.
Live recitations, text chat, forum posts...Acatar’s platform provides never-before-seen levels of interaction on any scale, whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many.
Presence Awareness.
Acatar’s presence awareness tool provides users insight into which faculty, academic mentors, and fellow classmates are online and available.
Intuitive Information Architecture.
Our flat design and clear navigation structure funnels students quickly to the information they need, without distraction.
We Blinded You...With Science (of Learning).
Our platform minimizes students’ extraneous cognitive load, reinforces prior learning, and addresses multiple learning styles. Effective student learning is our priority.
Enhanced Video Delivery.
Generating asynchronous didactic sessions? Or, rather, recording lectures? Acatar’s integrated video capture and delivery tool Panopto has it all: captions, slide-based metadata...and everything’s searchable. Students can jump right to where they want to go. No muss, no fuss.
Cross-Course Identity.
No more “course silos.” Students’ identities persist across courses, and the calendar allows them to quickly see upcoming assignments and deadlines for ALL their courses.
Adaptive Design.
The Acatar Learning Environment looks great on any device - desktop, tablet, smartphone, you name it.
Want students to take a proctored exam with specific rules that you set? No problem. Our remote exam security is in many ways more robust than can be achieved in person, and all potential rules violations are reported to you.


Acatar ensures that faculty and students alike have all the support they need to complete their courses. Course Managers, Academic Mentors, and other Acatar staff are on hand to answer questions or offer a hand.

Soup to Nuts.
We don’t just dump a platform and a stack of help documents on you then hide behind an anonymous email address for the rest of the semester. We support your course from start to finish, from soup to nuts.
Virtual Academic Mentors (VAMs).
They’re like TAs with content expertise and technical know-how. They’ll help make sure your students are getting the academic support they need. You approve them. We staff and train them.
Students Too.
While your VAMs are a first line of defense for students’ concerns, Acatar staff are always on-hand to help you OR your students should they encounter any confusion.
Your Institution, Your Rules.
We work for you. Acatar serves as an extension of your institution and reputation, not the other way around.
Data Driven
We help you make sense of your students’ engagement with your materials to refine your teaching and approach.